We are only responsible for the designer of these stickers as seen in the app drawer. If anyone chooses to overlay in a way that is offensive we can accept no responsibility.

With specific regard to the "Fancy a Tipple" pack we in no way endorse alcohol consumption or encourage you to drink alcohol. These stickers are designed purely for iMessage and not to encourage you to drink. You must be of legal age wherever you are based to consume alcohol (where it is legal to consume alcohol) and abide by all local laws and we in no way accept any liability for your actions when drinking alcohol. Remember to please drink responsibly as alcohol can effect your judgement.

Privacy Policy

Fantasy and Sci-Fi stickers

The Fantasy and Sci-Fi sticker packs use sprites purchased from and designed by OryxDesignLab. You are permitted to use the stickers in your messages conversations only.

These sticker packs were developed in accordance with the license at http://oryxdesignlab.com/license

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time

All other Sticker Packs

All other sticker packs have been designed by myself

Support and Features

For any support queries please contact sticker-support [at] tberwick.co.uk

For any feature requests please contact sticker-features [at] tberwick.co.uk

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